Ankara Queer Art Program

Vera Hofmann

01/07/2020 - 01/11/2021

Vera Hofmann

Vera Hofmann (*1979) is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist and activist. Since 2016, they have been on the Schwules Museum Berlin executive board of directors, working to propel the museum’s structural and curatorial evolution into an intersectional queer venue. In 2018, Vera co-curated and managed the Year of the Women*, a year-long queer-feminist intervention using curatorial activism to address the structural, economic and representational imbalances within the world’s largest museum for LGBTIQA+. Within that framework Vera curated the formats 12 Moons Film Lounge, the Dyke Bar: SPIRITS and co-curated the lecture series our own feminismS



With a BA in business administration, a BA in photo design and an MA in Fine Arts, Vera has worked as a project manager, freelance photographer, and independent artist, exhibiting internationally including De Appel Arts Centre (Amsterdam), Benaki Museum (Athens), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), and Pori Art Museum (Finland). Vera has also founded and worked within several artist collectives such as BENTEN CLAY, a “global corporation”, on assessing the limitation of natural resources as well as mechanisms of power and volatility inherent to the human pursuit of control. Vera has developed years of research and artistic practice on ecological, economical, structural and individual crises, combining political and systemic analysis intuitively with affective expressions of vulnerability and procedures for healing. Working at the intersection of art, design and political activism, Vera’s practice comprises video, photography, installation, sound, text, actions, relational art, curatorial activism and intersectional killjoying.



At the moment, Vera is investigating how practises of care, queer feminism and commoning can be mobilised as forms of collective resistance and empowerment. Current projects include developing a course of study on the Commons with the Commons Institute Bonn and an international collaborative platform for artistic and curatorial research around non-institutionalized accessability to art.

Country: Germany

Resident Link:

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