Ankara Queer Art Program

Julia E Dyck

01/07/2020 - 01/11/2021

Julia E Dyck

Julia E Dyck (1989, Canada/Belgium) is an interdisciplinary artist and radio producer. Working in performance, composition, installation and broadcast, their work is motivated by an interest in speculative relations between the body, consciousness, and technology.


Investigating the mediation of identity and affect through different modes of perception, Dyck focuses on the experience of the listener.


Recent projects have employed electronics/ found sound/ data/ field recordings/ video and vocals to create narratives that question reality and employ queer understandings of connection. Dyck works collaboratively (Future Perfect, Platitudes) and is a member of Montreal’s XX Files radio collective as well as Artist Commons in Brussels. Photo by Bobby León

Country: Canada & Belgium

Resident Link:

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