Ankara Queer Art Program

Furkan Öztekin: In The Tenderest Spot

13/11/2021 - 08/12/2021

Furkan Öztekin: In The Tenderest Spot

Özel Şeyler, the project space of Siyah Beyaz, will host Furkan Öztekin's exhibition “In the Tenderest Spot” between 13 November – 8 December 2021. Named after the poem "Second Anniversary" by American queer poet Tim Dlugos, the exhibition brings together the works produced by Furkan Öztekin as part of Ankara Queer Art Program. Öztekin questions the queer potential of concepts such as in-betweenness, uncertainty and illegibility in these works where he uses sheets of paper as the main material. Appearing as a method of reorganizing the past, these concepts are transformed into a mode of resistance through different forms.

The series Close Alliances (2021) in the exhibition consists of visual experiments on Nicholas de Villiers' concept of Queer Opacity. Paraffin, silicone, and transparent glue serve to build up a semi-opaque wall between the audience and the image. Öztekin's Diary (2021), which he kept during Ankara Queer Art Program, functions as a medium that accompanies his productions in the residency. The series Untitled (2015) traces a blurred portrait oscillating between visibility and invisibility. Fold (2021) where transparent roof sheets serve as a ground spreads into the blanks of the exhibition space through minor gestures. Questioning the possibility of being inside and outside at the same time, Fold proposes to settle in the space full of potentials created by in-betweenness.


“In The Tenderest Spot” 

13 November – 8 December

Opening: 13.11.2021, Saturday 18:00

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