Ankara Queer Art Program

Call for applications: Ankara Queer Art Program - Artist Residency 2022

23/12/2021 - 23/01/2022


Kaos GL announces the open call of Ankara Queer Art Program - Artist Residency’s 2022 edition to host visual artists whose pratice explore intersecting particularities of artistic expression and queer politics. From Turkey and abroad each artist-in-residence will be hosted for a duration of 8 weeks in Ankara. Kaos GL’s Ankara Queer Art Program - Artist Residency provides stipend for the living expenses, covers the expenses of round trip travel, accommodation and costs considered required for the materials of possible production. According to their research themes and interests Kaos GL supports artists-in-residence by facilitating access to art institutions, initiatives and archives, and programs meetings with artists, activists, scholars and curators in Turkey to provide a ground for the exchange of ideas.



Launched in February, 2020 Ankara Queer Art Program, Artist Residency has held in and through the uncertainities of the global pandemic. In dialogue with the community of the Ankara Queer Art Program the structure was rethought and reshaped due to the travel bans, public health neccessities as well as newly defined contemporary fragilities of the queer artists. The residency supported10 artists, additionally invited 3 artists from Turkey to stay in the residency studio in Ankara in the year of 2021. In its first edition Ankara Queer Art Program – Artist Residency supported Alex Turgeon (Canada), Ania Nowak (Germany/Poland), Asya Leman (Turkey), Baha Görkem Yalım (Netherlands/Turkey), Banu Çiçek Tülü (Germany/Turkey), Dante Buu (Montenegro), Erin Johnson (USA), Furkan Öztekin (Turkey), Julia E Dyck (Canada/Belgium), Saskya Fun Sang (Equador), Simon(e) van Saarloos (Netherlands/USA), Şafak Şule Kemancı (Turkey) and Vera Hofmann (Germany). According to the artists’ interests and proposals, they were brought together with artists, activists, scholars, writers and curators from Turkey. The results of the conducted conversations reflecting the artists’ practices, works and ideas were published on the website of the program.


Kaos GL

Established in Ankara, Turkey, Kaos GL Association has been working to eliminate the discrimination on the basis of language, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, philosophical conviction, religion, religious sect, locality that are faced by LGBTI+s. Producing political critique and interventions, conducting educational programs, organizing exhibitions and carrying publishing activities, Kaos GL has been contributing to the development of the political, cultural and artistic infrastructure in Ankara and in Turkey at large since 1994.


The City of Ankara

The capital of the Republic of Turkey, Ankara has been a vibrant place with its communites of artists, activists, and thinkers which critically engaged in art and politics, gathered around art spaces and collectives including as Galeri Nev, Siyah Beyaz, the METU Audio-Visual Systems Research and Production Center (GİSAM), Ka, Videa, Vitopia, Karahaber, 25+ ,, Artıkişler, Anarşiv, and İmkansız Arşiv are some of the collectives filling the gaps of social memory. KaosGL has been a member of this inspiring community of the city and has been collaborating with many of them in various forms of public events, discussions, gathering and parades.


For all queries regarding applications, please contact



Selection Committee: Fatih Özgüven (Art Critic, Translator, Author), Nilbar Güreş (Artist), Çelenk Bafra (Director of the SAHA, Curator), Derya Bayraktaroğlu (Curator, Writer), Erinç Seymen (Artist), Kevser Güler (Curator), Bige Örer (Director of the Istanbul Biennial), Ege Berensel (Artist, Visual Researcher), İz Öztat (Artist), Aylime Aslı Demir (Editor, Curator), Ka: Space for Visual Culture & Artistic Thinking


Advisory Committee: Tanıl Bora (Academician, Author, Translator), Sibel Tekin (Academician, Video Activist), Funda Şenol Cantek (Academician, Author) Metehan Özcan (Artist, Academician), Ege Berensel (Artist, Visual Researcher), Deniz Artun (Director of Gallery Nev, Curator, Author), Ayla Deniz (Academician)


Program Director: Aylime Aslı Demir



Details of Ankara Queer Art Program Artists Residency



·      Accommodation-Workshop: A free of charge home-workshop will be assigned to each artist for accommodation and work. Heating, water, electricity, wifi, etc. costs of this house will be covered by the program.


·      Work-Project Production Budget: Ankara Queer Art Program will provide artists with 3000 TL for 8 weeks to use in works if they wish to produce works in the program.


·      Support: Kaos GL Academy and Cultural Studies Program will support artists to meet with the program's consultants and art venues during their time in Ankara.


·      Duration of the Program: Open to artists from all over the world, the Ankara Queer Art Program consists of 8-weeks periods.


·      Travel: The costs of artists who are traveling from abroad to Ankara will be organized and covered by Ankara Queer Art Program. If requested, an invitation letter will be given to the artist for the visa process.


·      Food: Artists will be given 6000 TL to cover daily meals, travel, etc. for 8 weeks.




Who Can Apply?


·      This program does not cost the artists, the application is free.


·      Artists applying to the program from abroad must know English at least as an intermediate.


·      The artists who are accepted to the program are announced 10 days after the deadline.


·      The portfolios of the artists applying to the Ankara Queer Art Program will be evaluated by the selection committee consisting of art professionals.



Required documents for the application:


·      Resume - CV


·      Artist Portfolio: Files containing artist's work must be in PDF format. Files should not exceed 20 MB, big-size videos must be sent as links. The application file must be sent to There should be a maximum of 15 works in the portfolio.


·      Artist Text: There should be a text that does not exceed 600 words of length, describing the artist's artistic practice. It can be sent in Turkish or English.


·      The Letter of Intent Must specify the reasons for the application, not exceeding 400 words.


Applications that do not comply with the specified format will not be evaluated.



Application e-mail:

Application deadline: 23 January 2022

Selection Committee

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